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My Favorite Woodworker Plans and Woodworking Projects

Hi Fellow Woodworker,

Thanks for stopping by to check out all of My Favorite Woodworker Plans options. Since you are here I bet you have a passion for woodworking.

I’ll bet you may have already spent hundreds of dollars on woodworking projects or plans. Maybe they worked and maybe you found them to be unclear or maybe you even got some of your measurements wrong.

I understand because I use to have the same problems with the woodworker plans I bought. I would find a plan that matched the style project I wanted to work on only to find the details incomplete once I got into it.

Here is what I discovered while doing my research for a GREAT plan source. Most plans and even woodworking magazine plans were total junk.

I found that they often skip many of the important details or their diagrams are confusing, unclear, and sometimes even wrong. I was beginning to think woodworking was going to be more work than fun.

So I spent a lot of time searching online for a place to find high quality plans and that is when I discovered my favorite woodworker plans from:

Now I’m sure you have looked at many plan options and woodworker plan sites. You may have even checked out Ted McGrath’s site before, But you don’t need to check them out since they are not available anymore.

Woodworker Plans

Not only does Woodworking package give you an all in one place, easy to print set of over 16,000 free custom woodworking plans. You also get this set in an easy to index easy to view easy to modify package that Ted is now even bundling with a CAD viewer program that lets you modify any plan to your exact specs.

Now I design custom homes for a living and my CAD software cost over three thousands so I personally know the value of having this easy to use viewer and editor be a FREE part of the woodworker plans package.

But that is not all you get. Ted thought of everything, so he included access to over 150 custom woodworking videos that you can go back and watch any time, as often as you want. Now these videos where each created by accomplished woodworkers, and each shares some great tips to help you get the most out of your project.

Have I mentioned yet that you can pick up this package and be going through plans tonight for less than the cost of your detail sander? Or maybe you will be watching a great video with some time saving secrets that you can’t find anywhere else on the internet.